Region VIII Scholarship - Legacy Name

Established in 1986, this scholarship supports members of Region VII (formerly Region VIII) who want to invest in their insurance education but who may have limited or no support from employers. The scholarship will reimburse registrations and book expenses up to $500 per person / per calendar year. The scholarship fund is supported by donations from Region VII members, associations, sponsors, and fundraising raffles at the Regional Conference. To apply for this scholarship - read the scholarship guidelines and complete the application.

Scholarships Available to all members:

NAIW Legacy Foundation Scholarships - These scholarships are awarded to members for various educational opportunities, to enhance their insurance knowledge, obtain designations or insurance related degrees. These scholarships are subject to deadlines, typically January 15th of each year, and scholarship winners are typically announced during the National Convention. For information and applications click here.

IAIP Partners in Education - These scholarships are offered by IAIP Partners in education including the National Alliance, The Institutes, and International Risk Management Institute (IRMI). The scholarships are geared toward obtaining specific insurance related designations and many are awarded during the National Convention each year. If you would like more details and to apply for one of theses scholarships click here.